Polarr Memoir

Rediscover old memories with AI

Polarr Memoir is a new way to revisit old memories. Using AI, Polarr Memoir intelligently picks and crops old photos in your camera roll. You can generate live wallpapers and videos from these old memories. Use Memoir to explore alternate perspectives.
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Back at it again! We launched Polarr Deep Crop six months ago. Since then we've done a bit more experimenting with how to use offline AI in unique and interesting ways. Deep Crop has been redesigned as Polarr Memoir and is available now to download for free on iOS. Our dev, @riteshpakala, wrote a blog post about building the app that you can read if interested. So, Memoir! This is a great app and I can't wait for you all to play around and give some feedback. The magic really only happens when you download it yourself and experience it with your own photos. While testing internally I quickly discovered we created something really great when it brought on waves of nostalgia for old photos. Holler if you have any q's!
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@samsabri This looks amazing. Neat solution to a valid problem. You plan to have it for desktop / cloud? That will make it even more amazing for people who shift all their photos over the years to PC or cloud.
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@riteshpakala @samsabri - Congrats, looking great and can't wait to see how things unfold:)