Polarr Album+

Photo albums of only your best photos on iPhone and iPad

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Polarr Album+ is your own personal Instagram. Its every photo in your camera roll organized, enhanced, and only the best photos get shown.

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joshua@thewrongjoshua · Student
I only have positive things to say about Polarr. Their editing app has to be the best on iOS, and I use it almost exclusively nowadays. I look forward to trying this app out!
Adam Dexter
Adam DexterHiring@adamdexter · CSO - Omni
I skimmed the comments and Polarr's wiki briefly- apologies if this was already asked / answered- Regarding privacy of your images/content- are your photos being shared and/or sent to a server or copied/relayed off your device? Or is the AI doing the work locally on your phone? I assume they are using the mass of photos they are getting to improve the product. I'm wondering if that data is being sent back in abstract or if actual images, portions or copies of images are being synced or sent off the device to anywhere else?
Ricky Yean
Ricky Yean@rickyyean · CEO, UpbeatPR.com (formerly PRX.co)
Google Photos is great but believe it or not, this already feels better! The photos look nicer, and all the documents are tucked away. Taking a bunch of pictures for my girlfriend doesn't mean I have to look at all of them on my phone again! 😅