PokemonGo Map

A tool that quickly locates nearby Pokémon on a map

PokemonGo Map is a live map to quickly locate Pokemon.

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Lots of Pokemon map services have had to shut down - just take a look at some recently shut down #RIP I posted a desktop one the other day: Pokemon GO Live Map A few are still working - including the very comprehensive Pokecrew and Poke Radar With so many being shut down but replacements being launched all the time its interesting to see what Niantic will do - there is obviously an unsolved problem. Will this have the same fate as some of the others @waishda ?
@bentossell We're open source, and this has made us pretty resilient to changes. We've weathered through many changes, including the ones that killed Pokevision, Pokehound, and co. A lot of really smart people contribute regularly, so I can see this continuing to be a cat and mouse game with Niantic until we lose traction or Niantic adopts its 3rd party dev community or gives up. Just a few hours ago, Niantic changed its internal APIs which has taken down all 3rd party projects. However, since then many people in the community have been working tirelessly to decipher the changes and adapt. I'd be surprised if this isn't resolved within the day. Our objective has always been to augment the game and this has worked out remarkably well. Hundreds of players have gotten in touch with me to tell me how much more enjoyment they get out of the game now. P.S. Pokecrew and Poke Radar both don't work as of right now, they were taken down alongside us with the recent changes.
@waishda Oh really?! so since a few hours ago Pokecrew and Poke Radar are both down too? They seem to still be working (for me at least)
@bentossell I'm wrong. I was thinking of apps with similar names. Pokecrew and Pokeradar have different objectives than us. They crowdsource past sightings of certain pokemon. Our map and maps like Pokevision would tap into Niantic Labs APIs to retrieve live data from the servers on the exact current whereabouts of Pokemon. Pokecrew/Pokeradar don't depend on Niantic for their information, but instead rely on Pokemon Go players for their information.
@waishda Got it. Have you thought of exploring something similar based off how popular this haas been?
@bentossell Well, my original objective was to do some data analytics on the game. Statistics on Gyms, Pokemon clusters, leaderboards, etc. I'd still like to do that if the interest remains in the near future. If interest wanes, I'll go back to pursuing my old boring projects :)