Highly-detailed and lifelike, 3D Pokémon Masks

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PokéMasks began as a fun side project - a group of friends really wanted Pokémon masks for Halloween and Pokémon Go. When more and more friends of friends wanted in on the masks, it made sense to produce a large quantity and offer them to the public. I really tried to get these out in time for Halloween. What makes the masks great is the highly-detailed and lifelike finish - they’re not flat plastic masks, they are 3D. Also, a friend is a very talented designer who loves to create Pokémon artwork! You can thank him for the top-class finish on the masks - each one was a custom design. They really turned out better than we could have ever hoped. So my friends are very happy. Hopefully some of you will be too! 😃
@theconorbrowne they look great and i like the entrepreneurial spirit but how are you not going to get sued by nintendo? xD
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@timar Surely nintendo wouldn't ruin Halloween for all the kids who love Pokémon?! 😱 😒
@timar But actually though, it only came about because so many people I know want masks. So was just a personal project to try get them made!
@theconorbrowne Sounds good. Say its a small project and ask for forgiveness :D good luck. #nosarcasm #hashtagwasnotsarcastic #lastoneeither
@timar Thanks Timar! :D
Awesome! I love these. Did you get licensing? Or are we in a race against the forthcoming cease and desist letter to get our hands on one...
Ha! These are kind of creepy. Reminds me of these emoji masks from last year.
@rrhoover Haha! Yes, try wearing the masks while hiding in long grass, like above in the photos, and see the looks you get from passersby! 😅 Priceless.
How long does shipping take?
@h3nno Hi Henno, Thanks for asking! Domestic shipping is USPS Ground, which takes 2 - 8 days, depending on where in the States you are based.