Share and find #PokemonGO creatures

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Map your #PokemonGo finds and share with friends. Now just needs a @pokemapper Slackbot :D Quick poll : how many #PokemonGo for X startups will apply for funding this year? 😱
There's a community of pokemon go players updating a google map with locations of pokemons and pokestops :D https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/...
@cheeriottis and that's awesome! but we think a lot more fun product and data explorations can be done with an app, and we can - and already are - taking in community feedback as we build out. for instance the search function was the most demanded this morning, so we launched it this afternoon :) hoping to have some fun and get the world involved!
@joel_usher definitely agree, interesting to see the community actively trying to create something like PokeMapper, can't wait to see where the product goes :)
@cheeriottis thanks so much!
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@sielay thanks for the tip, should be all fixed :)
@sielay Yeah, sorry about that!!! Went down while we were asleep (edge case w/ the first time someone added a Mr. Mime...). Back up now though. I guess it's keeping w/ the spirit of Pokemon Go itself to have the site be a little buggy :)
@joel_usher @ownsctt IMHO the map needs zoom in/out controls :D
@helloduane @ownsctt thanks Duane, lots of good stuff to add still :)