Get alerts when you're near Pokémon you're looking for

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I suggest having Pokemon Nearby on top of Pokemon Alerts. It's hard to see what's nearby once you set up alerts for more than 10 Pokemon.
@eightbitjoker thanks for the feedback man. I completely agree, although for several reasons (not least server load) we try to make the notifications 'at the forefront' and local searching secondary. Seeing how users are actually using the app, you may be on to something 😉 Thanks again - really appreciate any and all feedback!
Curious to hear how accurate you feel the data is?
@cauchon Hi Justin! It's very accurate, in big cities. We're having some rural data issues.. investigating now. I think one or two other readers hit these too.
Thanks! Now I get get more Pokemon than my son.
Does this actually work? It hasn't worked for me once. Keeps saying the Pokemon go servers are down. Also, the way you do the in-app purchase for new scans doesn't explain at all that it's an in-app purchase. It feels extremely misleading to me. Especially charging for that when your service isn't working.
@evancmorris Hey Evan -- sorry about that! You won't have been charged at all if it didn't work. Where are you? We've been having some regional issues unfortunately :(. Let me know and I'll make sure that we get it working for you!
The app just told me I had 100+ Lepras' nearby. In map view they were all aligned to spell out SKIPLAGGED. What does it mean and why!???