Crowdsourced Pokemon Go map

#5 Product of the DayJuly 14, 2016

Pokecrew is an app that helps you find Pokemon on an online map for Pokemon GO. It shows you the distance to them or shows you what you can find in a certain place.

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Awesome. But your Google API daily limit just exceeded. Cannot access anything.
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@iamankitjaggi Maybe consider something like Mapbox?
@iamankitjaggi Sorry about this. The server is having issues from the load and I'm working on fixing them as fast as I can. Edit: Still working. Almost there. Edit #2: Should be fixed now.
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The site is having some trouble under the current load, I'm sorry about this and I'm working on making it faster right now.
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I've seen a couple of things along these lines but this is by far the best executed! How easy is it to scale this to be crowdsourced globally? Is there anything this site uses that you have pulled from Scale?
@bentossell Thanks! Very scalable if we go viral and everyone contributes ;) We have a pretty large dataset already though that's been included with the launch.
@lucy_guo Awesome! I meant what did you use from your other product, Scale on this? If anything? And how do you see it complementing this site and further development of the site?
@bentossell Scale will be a useful service for content moderation for Pokecrew. Through the Data Extraction endpoint, we'll be able to deploy humans to scrape websites for more sightings. Comparison endpoint will help us determine if two sightings are in the same place so there are no duplicates. :)
What really annoys me about all these Pokemon apps being featured on Product Hunt is the fact that this website always pushed for products not being in beta or working properly to be featured here. Everyone's rushing out these apps to benefit from this Pokemon craze and over the past few days most of these are completely broken and don't work properly.
@sabrisjourney Hey Sabri! We actually encourage sites of various stages to be posted if users can use the site/app. Some quick projects encounter huge traffic - no surprise with this one, which makers may not have been prepared for. I enjoy seeing makers move so fast when something happens in the tech world and come up with weird and wonderful things. Its a testament to the maker community. Luckily we are a community of makers too which understand that not everything goes right all of the time too, we are forgiving of bugs and are here to provide feedback too. We get bugs at PH too and appreciate when people point them out so we can improve. I can assure you this site was fully functional this morning but it may just happen to be that the overwhelming traffic is causing some headaches. I know the makers are working to fix this asap. (rather them than me!) :)
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@bentossell @sabrisjourney Apologies for everything! We finally fixed things. We weren't ready for the traffic and our google maps API key hit the limit. Let us know if you have any feedback :)
@lucy_guo this is genius. what do you expect to learn/discover from doing this?
@eriktorenberg Hopefully see how Pokemon actually move. Everyone's thinking different things, our hypothesis is that it's time and location based. And we just want to catch em all