One app to volunteer or give to any cause

We’re your starting POINT to do more good—during and after COVID. Find places to volunteer and give in your city, and track your impact. Plus, with POINT nonprofits get free tech, extra funding, and people-power.
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Hi 👋 Product Hunt! We’re a team from Columbus, Ohio, who were pissed that we could invest in stock, book a room in Spain, or get our dogs walked with an app, but we couldn’t find an easy way to volunteer. So we built POINT to be like ClassPass for volunteering: one app to volunteer for any cause. Not to sound dramatic or anything, but because of COVID we’re in a nationwide volunteer shortage. Normally, nonprofits rely on older volunteers but they’re too high risk right now. It’s time for lower risk, younger people to mask up and help meet critical needs in our communities. We built POINT as an app, but took it a step further and also launched an entire nonprofit dashboard/CRM platform. Our mission is to bring people-power (through the app) and great tech (with our FREE dashboard) to the women leaders that run most of our local nonprofits. We want to give them the support they need to help rebuild our communities during and after COVID. If POINT isn't in your city - we want to be there. Join our launch team! Thanks so much to @kevin for hunting us! - Madison
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Hi PH! I'm Steph and I'm Head of Outreach at POINT. I literally met @madisonmikhail (CEO @ POINT) at a soup kitchen when I downloaded the app to volunteer in Columbus. I love spending my time talking to nonprofits about their mission and seeing all of the ways POINT makes their job easier. One of my favorite orgs (shhh, don't tell any of the other hundreds of nonprofits I have favorites!) saves 15 hours a week using POINT to organize and communicate volunteers. Wanna collaborate? Let's do it. Hit me up - stephanie@pointapp.org
Hey, I am Alex. I started with POINT as a volunteer developer just for fun. Since then, POINT has grown more than I could have imagined. Now I am CTO, and it's more exciting than ever to be a part of the team and help people do more good. I hope you like the product, but let me know your thoughts. Cheers, (alex@pointapp.org)
Love it! It's a wonderfull project. Congratulations for this work!
@mybutler THANK SO MUCH!
@mybutler Hey thanks so much Esteban! We're so excited you think POINT can be useful.
Congrats to the team! A really cool idea to bring together volunteers with NGOs that need the people-power. Is there a way to rank organizations in a specific area by the needs they serve? Or is it more so a general search and directory?
@rickheine Thanks so much! On the app we have an explore page where you can see cause categories. You can click into a cause like "health" or "education" to see nonprofits in your city who serve those needs.