A membership based live/work community.

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kurt braget
developer, entrepreneur
I've been to Podshare, it's actually very cool. The floor plan is great, locations are nice and secure. The only thing that seemed a bit off for me is that I was expecting it to be a more professional workplace environment but it seemed more geared towards traveler sort of vagabonds.
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Adam Davies
Web Developer
@kurtybot I remember seeing this I think a year or so ago and it did seem more geared to a nomad working lifestyle but it looks like it may have changed direction as it doesn't look like it is a mentioned market at all. It now seems geared towards parties etc. Could be wrong but I definitely preferred previous approach but this obviously mustn't have been having a great turnover.
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Elizabeth S Hunker
Hey. Neat stuff, but your claim to be the first live/work space is way off. This has been a thing for at least 5 years, I'd guess closer to 10-20.
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