Podcasting on SoundCloud

Now anyone can host a podcast on SoundCloud

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It's great- makes hosting easy & scalable, and the player helps audio flow nicely across social platforms. We've been beta-testers on it for a while, and are happy customers.
Finally out of beta! Starting today, anyone can host a podcast on SoundCloud. I'm adding some team members from our team here that developed the feature, so be sure to ask questions if you've got 'em :)
@colemercer this is great, going to recommend it to a few friends πŸ‘πŸ»
@colemercer been hosting two podcasts using SoundCloud beta over the last year - looks great, super easy to use. I don't understand some of the old-school podcaster hate for it :) new era. I'm sure you've gotten a million feature requests, but I'd love to share two with you: 1. Export data. The data is fine, just wish I could export it. Right now I manually enter monthly downloads into a spreadsheet and it's kind of a pain after doing it for a year. 2. (This one is much more challenging). You guys should find a way to solve the sharing problem. Say I'm listening to Product Hunt's podcast and Tim Ferriss has an awesome quote - there's no easy way to share that, other than remembering to for later.
@colemercer @davegerhardt Thanks for the feedback, Dave! Both challenges are on our radar :)
We've been using SoundCloud to host our podcast for several months now. Big fan.
@rrhoover Glad to hear it!
@rrhoover Do you get more listeners on Soundcloud vs iTunes?
@sidazhang we actually use SoundCloud to distribute the podcast to iTunes and other sources. I'm not sure what the listener distribution is though -- it's impossible to measure actual listens, unfortunately.
@sidazhang @rrhoover with the new stats feature you can split out the RSS plays vs. on platform plays.
@fenbytaylor Hey Matt - where's can you see that breakdown under stats? I've been using it for a while and nothing has changed in my stats view?
This is boss! I've been manually adding my podcast to soundcloud via another hosting integration that didn't offer twitter cards... This consolidates everything... And it's cheaper. I've heard the process of switching the feed with iTunes isn't easy. Any insight?
@imstilljosh Which part in particular did you hear that about? Maybe our creator guide about podcasting helps: http://on.soundcloud.com/creator... Or is there something more specific on your mind?
@imstilljosh Ya, switching feeds can be easy or complicated depending on your current hosting provider. More details here - http://help.soundcloud.com/custo...- Also happy to help walk you through it if you want to DM me on Twitter.
@jcatsoup that is awesome! I'm subscribing to a pro account. Thanks! I'll let you know if I hit any snags. Great hunt!
Does this mean I can stop paying for Podbean? I only use it because of it's RSS feed to iTunes.
@jessebouman Yes. You can get your RSS feed now from Soundcloud and give that to iTunes - http://help.soundcloud.com/custo...-