Podcast Alarm helps you wake up inspired, find something that motivates you to start your day the way you want to go on. Find a show that helps you learn a new skill, or a drama that makes you think, any topic is available.
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I wanted to squeeze in a little more value to my morning routine, I have speakers around the house and I thought it would be great to wake up to an entrepreneurial podcast and continue listening while I got washed and had breakfast. When I began the project there was nothing like it, so it felt like others would like it too. Hope you like it PH!
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I’ve been loving using this app!
I've used this app for a couple of weeks on while it was in beta, and works really well. It got me thinking again about my own podcast (maybe doing a bite sized version) and looking at my regular feed for shorter shows and lighter content that would be good to wake up to.
Great application, love to use it.👌🏼