The best way to organise YouTube subscriptions

#3 Product of the DayDecember 16, 2019
Create collections that seamlessly fit into YouTube's layout to manage Youtube subscriptions.
★ Create groups with Youtube channels by topic
★ Show last YouTube videos by topic
★ Easy way to catch up subscriptions
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12 Reviews4.6/5
Great stuff that slaps Youtube managements who forgot that it's not about adding another ad but about giving users better experience.
👋Hi everyone, I'm Dmitry Nabok, the creator of PocketTube and I'm very excited to launch my project on Product Hunt! 💎PocketTube helps you group YouTube subscriptions. Using this tool for YouTube you can create collections that seamlessly fit into the layout. This is an easy way to manage your subscription. 🚀We've created Chrome and Firefox extension and Android and iOS apps. It's free and useful! 💖We'd love to get some feedback and we're happy to answer questions! Thanks!
Seems like something I could try. It's really hard to find good stuff among your subscriptions now. Good luck with the launch!
This is an amazing idea that I've been using for quiet some time now. I'm surprised that more people aren't using this, and that youtube hasn't thought of a similar service. Really great stuff!
@pravarshi_reddy happy to hear that! Let me know if you will have any ideas of what to add :)
I've been looking for something like this for ages. YouTube used to have a subscription manager but for whatever reason they got rid of it. Really awesome to see someone solving this problem!
@ever_barillas Thank you for your feedback!