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More details on the update here. I've been a long-time Pocket fan and appreciate its simplicity and focus. That said, there are so may opportunities to expand its functionality to become more social or a destination for discovering the best articles, videos, and content on the web with the massive amount of data people are contributing. Do you have plans to move in this direction eventually and if not, why not, @NateWeiner?
@NateWeiner @rrhoover Completely agree, and I think they're already working on it - take a look on the following link: http://getpocket.com/p/rrhoover
@NateWeiner @rrhoover @yuvals I think this upcoming social feature is really exciting, and I can't wait for it to go live as it's been teased for a good while. Any chance of early access Nate? :)
@rrhoover @ninthart Can't comment on potential future things, but if you'd like to get access to betas whenever/whatever they may be, sign-up here ;) https://docs.google.com/a/readit...
@NateWeiner I really love Pocket and, aside from the article discovery @rrhoover suggested, I'd love to see the "auto categorize" feature from the times of ReadItLater (I don't remember the name, it required one time fee). And what about adding personal notes/comments to links? I'd pay an ultra-premium account for these features :)
Great! I'm disappointed they didn't improve the web view of the article though. I always click on "display the original" :)
@solenema By "web view" do you mean the Article View (looks like this: )? In this update we made a number of improvements to the Article View: Made the entire view responsive for any screen size, added a progress indicator as you scroll, added a new dark/night reading mode, updated the typography (new serif font, revised font hierarchy), and gave it a more minimal/flat look to keep the content front and center. We've still got a lot more coming on top of this as well. What improvements were you hoping to see? Thanks for your support!
@solenema @nateweiner Venddo It's a great option influences on twitter: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
I was just using the app while I was on the train this morning. I would love an option to import from a bookmarks folder, would really help with reading documentation on the go.
@msny_36 We support importing a standard browser bookmark file. If you export the specific bookmark folder, you can import it here: http://getpocket.com/import/browser Hope that helps!
Guys I'm bit disappointed by the design, from the preview guys give on Twitter, actual thing. I'm usign pocket daily and would be great to move this tool visually to next level finally.
@nateweiner as a heavy user, I'd love to see search functionality beefed up, especially WRT tags.