Pocket 7.0

Save and read news, articles, & videos that fuel your mind


Capture the things that fascinate you in Pocket, and have a personal, dedicated space to fuel your mind without the distractions of the internet.

• Completely refreshed design across mobile and web

• All new reading experience and new font for improved legibility and comfort for short and long-form reading.

• Revamped listen experience

Would you recommend this product?

Fantastic app, and if the paid version had an added feature for me, I would have paid


I read more. The ML algorithm that finds me new articles


The ML often shows me articles that I never intend to read and even when I indicate that, I keep seeing them

I really appreciate Pocket. I'm using pocket especially for read le after and read offline features while I was at underground.

After this update I just read my articles.


Human like sound


No offline support for listen feature

Digital Business Maker

Using it for years!


There is no other useful apps for content and links collecting.


You'll love collecting good links on your favourite topics.