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Widgets manager for MacBook Touch Bar

Pock is a widgets manager for MacBook Touch Bar.
It's free, open-source, and gives you quick access to your favorite controls and services while maximizing your on-screen real estate.
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Great job!


Finally have a usage for macOS dock :)



Chudo happens

Great job! You can hide dock and use Touch Bar instead. And get more screen space. But actually this approach is not effective for me( I need to look at touch bar and slide it to get required app. It's much more faster to click on app icon in dock.


Looks pretty)


You can add customisation to add just required apps instead of all dock content. Now it's not easy to scroll touch bar each time.

Im a developer

Great work guys. I will make a donation soon


Finally I found reason why there is a touchbar in my macbook


Im not sure if continous display in the touchbar makes it dim in future. There must be a reason why apple left a blank space in touchbar

product designer

Really great job there. Quick feedback, x and esc should be swapped cos now it's really confusing and if you guys can include active and recently open functionality it would be really awesome product. Maybe simple 1 finger double-tap or long press can be a trigger here?


I like accessibility of dock icons in touch bar.


I'm really missing 2 finger double-tap on app icon in dock to see all active and recently open windows.

I can't find settings and customise options for pock. When i open default settings > keyboard > Touchbar > customise i see default touchbar settings not for pock. Any ideas?