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#4 Product of the DayMarch 16, 2019
Plink - you will never play alone anymore!
- Find best teammates for multiplayer games (AI matchmaking)
- Check rich in-game stats in all popular games
- Share & Discover gaming content
- Communicate with gaming buddies in chats and voice squads
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83 Reviews5.0/5
Nice app. Can I add different gaming accounts or only one?
@stariy Thank you for the comment! You can add many gaming accounts. In the registration block, you'll see all available gaming platforms you can add.
@nanstasiia Cool, thanks! I've added 7 accounts and it looks awesome -
@stariy awesome! ;)
I can 100% say that without PLINK, my team wouldn’t be so great. Thanks to it I managed to find really good players. But I wish I could use it on pc as well :(
@pavelpolishchuk It's great you found PLINK useful! Thank you :) You can use it on pc as well. But at first, you need to connect a pc version with a mobile one. After that, you'll be able to use Instant matching, making in-game screenshots and communicate
@nanstasiia Oh thank you, its cool

Amazing​ job, more features for gamers that I could ever imagine.


Nice design and great concept


I don't play in most of the games on the platform

Tim, thank you for you comment! We will love to hear more about what games you want to see in our app!

This is a really cool app. I wish I could use it for mobile games. Is it possible? I’d like to find a team for Brawl Stars


Cool design


Not found yet

Thank you! For now, in PLINK you can add a few mobile gaming platforms and Brawl Stars is one of them. You simply need to choose Brawl Stars in the list of available accounts in the app and then follow the instruction ;)
Does PLINK is a teammate finder app? Or is it just another chat app for gamers?
@marina_marchenko Yes, it's a teammate finder where you can communicate, read news feed, share your in-game achievements, mems and invite friends to play ;)