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Hello guys & thanks Ryan and Team ! We launched PLEEK earlier this week, and we had the chance to be featured as an editor choice by Apple. The idea was to create a messaging app with a funny twist, allowing users to reply directly with videos, pictures, and awesome memes. Wednesday night, at 6PM SF Time, we got P.Diddy, Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Swiz beatz and many others celeb' who shared the app… Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, it was crazy In total, more than 100 MIllions fans were hit by the wave. People on twitter start wondering about #pleek. Conversation started, and thousand kids talked about us in few minutes. We went US trending topic at 7PM. Its goes viral and we arrived in Wordwide trending topic 7.30PM. In total, we got more than +10Millions server requests in 90Minutes. To be honest, we were not ready for that :) Today, we are working on scaling the database to improve the user experience and be able to welcome more users, and potential upcoming "boom" :)
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@cyrilpaglino Major congrats! How did you pull off the unbelieevable names who got involved?
@iambarronroth i went in LA a month ago and i got the opportunity to pitch and show the app to Nicki, Diddy, and some others Artists. They liked the idea that they could use it and create a special and graphic content in collaboration with their fans. (The Collage)
Hello folks! I am the UX/UI Designer. If you got any comments ab. the app experience I'd love to hear it ✨
Great Team. I am really impressed by the launch... Well done!
@edouardpetit Thanks edouard !
This grid-based presentation seems to be increasingly common -- Tiiny, Cap, Pop, Taptalk being a few recent examples.
@rrhoover hell yeah i can comment thanks to @ilan and i'm totally agree with you. I think Pleek can succeed where Tiiny failed... most of all and thanks to PR. Don't you think ? (and a cool product design too :))
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Yep we saw tiiny-likes products few month ago while we were working on the prototype. We love their UX/UI! On the product side, we build Pleek in a very different way. We want to put Pleek more like a picture-message inbox than a feed. You don't have followers, you have friends. You can send some pics/vids to your friends, and they can react directly with their own pics / vids. We are very happy to be on PH today and will respond to any questions there :) @cyrilpaglino will soon post on comments the story behind the app.
@rrhoover Small bonus ;) I've just added a meow stickers in the app !
@remibardoux that's meowvelous. (sorry, couldn't help meowself)
UI/UX is on Pleek.
@tr3ysims Haha, thanks Trey! :)