Show users a beautiful splash page while your app loads

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This is pretty, but oh man the internet does not deserve to still have problems where solutions like this are being made. It's like flash loaders all over again, but with newer tools.
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@cynicalgrinch exactly, i dont remember last time i saw one of those being used.. you typically dont wait that long unless its an app loading some massive interface but by then i would have already left :P
@cynicalgrinch @davidchase03 Yeah, the use cases for something like this are limited to apps that have to do a lot of preloading before they are useful, like Slack, Asana, etc. I wouldn't want to see this on a news page or something similar
Nice, how does this affect SEO or google descriptions?
Love the random messages. We tried the same for inspired by Slack.
Hey there, this is another project of ours (@Pathgather). Glad you guys like it!
Are you tracking installs?
@johnmabower no, not really. It's up on Bower and Github, which don't really track those things.