"Please Hold" #4: Building A Community with Ryan Hoover

Chatting poop emojis, entrepreneurship, and customer service

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Thanks for having me, @schneider. And yes, folks, it's pronounced LA-CROY, like enjoy. 😊
@rrhoover @schneider Correct - but a strange bastardization of the true french pronunciation.
@irfaan @rrhoover agreed. for the record, my pronunciation was "french correct" and Ryan's pronunciation was correct according to the (American) company :)
@schneider @irfaan this is all part of their WOM strategy. 😬
@rrhoover @schneider Hah. It's working!
It was fun to interview @rrhoover on our latest episode of "Please Hold" our weekly podcast at Service! We chatting poop emoji pillows, the origins of product hunt, mystery packages, his sparkling water addictions, and many other things. Enjoy!
Re: Products that exploded after PH: Meerkat, also great experience listening to this right in PH and love the new upload flow. Also great Twitter support tip - deploy SF city resources by tweeting to @SF311
@dmgrossblatt second that, I love being able to play from directly in PH