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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Professional Feedback platform 'PleasantFish'. PleasantFish is a platform to get ‘real’ feedback about how you perform at your workplace by your colleagues anonymously. Its your professional venue where not only you can get feedback on how you perform but also give honest feedback to your colleagues and peers so that they know how to perform better. Often we see that some very talented people are unable to get the jobs they deserve due to a bad interview. On the other hand, companies sometimes hire people who appear to have a great profile but when they are actually hired they don’t turn to be exactly an A* performer. At PleasantFish, we have tried to address this issue by allowing co-workers to give each other real feedback on their leadership, personality, professionalism and collaboration capabilities through a series of carefully selected questions. Their profile represents the feedback they have obtained on these different qualities from their co-workers.