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Playnows - Watch together is a new age video sharing app that allows you and your friends to watch videos together on both of your phones at the same time. No more crowding around phone screens or sharing links. Watch a video in live time within a chat of up to ten friends!

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Andrew JangMaker@andrewjang · CEO and Co-founder of Playnow
Hi, our team would love feedback from users, so if you have any questions or feedback please contact us via!
Preetam Nath@hipreetam93
@andrewjang this has been an idea on my list since ages. My girlfriend and I live in different cities, we often want to watch shows or movies etc and react/discuss about it live. As if we're actually watching it together. Would love to hear about the Android version and give it a shot the moment it's out. Good luck!
Andrew JangMaker@andrewjang · CEO and Co-founder of Playnow
@hipreetam93 Thank you for your support! Our team gets motivated when we encounter such support! We are trying our best to give our users the best experience possible.
Benny Lewis@irishpolyglot · Founder of Fluent in 3 Months
What if there's an Android user in the group of friends? 🤖
Andrew JangMaker@andrewjang · CEO and Co-founder of Playnow
@irishpolyglot Hi Benny, thanks for taking an interest! Unfortunately, Playnow does not support android yet, because our team thought it would be better to make Playnow perfect on one platform first rather than mediocre on a lot of platforms. But please stay tuned as we are striving for all platforms ultimately!