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Hi guys! Thanks @n_clemmons for posting this :) Playfield ( is a community where users discover and connect with games, content and people daily. Users can also buy and download games directly from us. The Playfield Desktop App Beta allows you to quickly access your PC/Mac games library (including your Steam library) and shows you the latest Playfield updates and notifications as well as the latest deals. It’s very fast to redeem your purchased Steam keys via the app. You’ll also get instant access to the awesome free demos & betas that developers post on Playfield. Big thanks to the whole team - @thatsamu @jiri @leolannenmaki @nicgonc @_kblcuk_ @exarchus @mirzahasanzade Since the app is still very much in beta, I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback! Also ask me anything! :)
@karipelaaja Had a crash at first launch but subsequent launches were a-ok. .NET crash information: Oh and your settings menu divider between "Quit" and the version number isn't quite right - use a single dash to get a standard Windows separator :)
@jamiequackers Hey Jamie, thanks for reporting this. Would love to hear your thoughts about the app too! /cc @thatsamu
@karipelaaja @thatsamu It looks to be simply a WebBrowser in an app which links off to your web-site for everything. I'll be honest - I don't get it. I was hoping it would automagically show my Steam Library and be a more "integrated" store and game experience; instead I'm finding myself switching between your app and my browser.
@jamiequackers @thatsamu Having everything linking back to the website is a design decision - we didn't want to replicate Playfield inside the desktop app. But the app should be showing your Steam library automagically - it should fill your library with your Steam games if you have Steam installed and have launched Steam on the computer you are using at least once. Here's a screenshot of the app on my Mac, showing both Playfield and Steam games
@karipelaaja @thatsamu Ahh... that makes more sense now. I didn't realise you needed Steam installed on the PC.