J. Alexander Curtis
J. Alexander Curtis reviewedPLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDSLast-man-standing shooter

Surprisingly Addictive.

Start Playing in Seconds. Matchmaking is instant.

Active & transparent developer team

Fun & Challenging Gameplay


Your day will be a lot less productive because you will want to take a break to play this game.

Easy to lose track of hours

Never before have I felt raw adrenaline from a video game. The game is addictive and engaging with a high skill cap for players that continue to learn and adapt strategy to win.

The match starts out frantic and chaotic with everyone piling into a cargo plane which flies over a massive open world map. You can choose to pile out and parachute down anywhere. You land naked and afraid, with nothing but your fists. The scramble begins to find supplies to arm and protect yourself in your journey towards victory as a fight to the death, as the last man standing out of a server of 100 players.

Supplies are scattered around the map randomly. This includes medical, armor, weapons, attachments, and clothing. There are spots on the map which have higher chances of spawning higher-value supplies and these will attract larger groups of people where battles break out much faster or you can choose to land in quieter areas of the map which might require more scavenging but longer initial safety.

Within minutes of landing, the world around you begins to shrink, forcing people into a smaller and smaller area of the map. As time progresses the count on the top of the screen continuously updates to show you how many are left standing, your goal is to be the last one alive.

Battles become increasingly more difficult as you move towards the end of the match. When you hit the top 10 players alive, and particularly the last 3 or so players, your heart is naturally pounding out of your chest.

The thrill when you win a round in this game is more exhilirating than any other game on the market now. That rush is what keeps me coming back. When you die early, you leave the match and within seconds can get back into a new match and try it all over again.

Ive lost hundreds of hours playing this game with friends. It is a game of the decade that we will remember for a very long time. It is up there with top games of their time like Doom, Mario, GoldenEye 64, Halo, and so forth. This game will be remembered for a long time.

I also want to mention that this is a game made by an Indie developer group and has blown up in popularity. I love supporting the indie game movement and it is incredible to see the success that they have witnessed.

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