Play the Future

Predict future events, challenge friends, and win rewards!



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Ali R. Tariq
Ali R. TariqHunter@alirtariq · Product Designer, Axonify
This app is a devilishly clever blend of trivia and brand marketing, all wrapped up in a surprisingly addictive set of design production. I really like how it's got a very strong character of its own, too. The events that it challenges you to predict are relatable and easy enough to participate in even if you don't know what the brands behind them are, e.g. I'm a non-Spotify user but I happily predicted how many times the top song on Spotify would get streamed on a certain day (you can use one of your lifelines--or "hints"--to give you an indication of past events in order to help with predictions of the future). It kind of reminds me of those gameshows where contestants were challenged to guess how many jellybeans are in a jar and the best guess gets awarded a prize. Only in this case, Play the Future challenges you and your friends to guess future outcomes. That waiting period makes it all the more interesting. Note: this is currently only available for Canadian residents, but the team tells me it'll eventually makes its way abroad too.
ines fenstermacher
ines fenstermacher@inesfenstermach
I like the slogan: Life's a game!