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Alex!Maker@imaznation · PM, Microsoft
Hi everyone, I'm running a charity event starting this weekend where YOU can raise money for the ACLU just by playing DOTA 2! Here's how it works: ========== 1. You register to play. The site hosts a little page where your friends and family can come pledge for you. They'll be pledging money for each win you earn during the event. 2. From Friday until Wednesday, you just play DOTA 2 - any official matchmaking mode against humans counts. 3. Each time you win a match, the site counts it and adds it to your total. When is the event? ========== You can sign up right now. Play starts Friday at 2pm PST and runs through Wednesday at midnight PST. How does payment work? Why should we trust you? ========== I never collect any payment information and I don't actually touch any of the money. A pledge is just a promise to go make a donation after the event is all said and done. Donors will be sent directly to the ACLU's website in order to make good on their pledge. We've done two of these events in the past and in total raised about $10,000 in pledges. You can see them both at: http://www.ggsc2.com/ https://www.ggcharity.com/Event/... Can I play with my friends? ========== You can play in any stack you'd like. Everyone's progress is tracked separately. How do my wins get tracked? ========== Steam provides an API that we plug into, just like DotaBuff and other stat trackers. Make sure that your account is set to expose public match data (see: https://www.dotabuff.com/pages/f... for more details). I'm really excited to get this event going and proud to support a great organization at an important time. Hope you guys enjoy! And please let me know if you have any questions or issues with the site. Alex (@imaznation), Andrew (@akoltz), & Phillip (@leblancphill)