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Curated 500+ resources for engineering and product leaders

The team at Plato curated more than 500 articles, videos, tools, books and interviews and company blogs to help you become a better engineer and better manage a tech team. Elevate yourself to the next plateau!

  • Mary Nicknish
    Mary NicknishLooking for Director Engineering positio

    Original idea that is sorely missing!


    I can't think of any

    I have been looking for this my whole career. Having access to articles about the industry which portray different perspectives, processes, management styles, etc, is invaluable.

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  • Pros: 

    There's nothing like it online- pretty good to get you thinking about new challenges related to management


    Could have even more categories

    A good tool to find online resources to become a better engineering leader

    Capucine Jacquotte has used this product for one week.
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Quang HOANGMakerHiring@qhoang09 · CEO @ PlatoHQ
Hey All! Thanks Chris for hunting us! We've been working hard on this website and we hope you will like it. I'm Quang, cofounder and CEO of Plato. At Plato ( we're on a mission to help engineers become great engineering leaders. We're building a community of the best Engineering Leaders ( to help you find the perfect mentor and the perfect resources to become a better leader and make you and your your team more productive and happy. After thousands of calls that happened in our platform, hundreds of Engineering Managers met, tens of event participated and organized, we're putting together this collection of 500 resources (stories, blog, videos) on Engineering and Product Management. We hope you'll enjoy, and as usual, feel free to give us any feedback! We'll appreciate them a lot.
Jason M. Lemkin
Jason M. Lemkin@jasonlk · SaaStr
Amazing team, amazing community
David Ryan
David Ryan@davedri · Creator of Corilla.
Ignoring everything I know about the awesome backstory and journey of this team, they just keep shipping quality. Whether it's the fantastic events at SaaStr, the platform, and now this resource. Congrats team. Always inspired to see what you guys are up to.
Jean-Baptiste Coger
Jean-Baptiste CogerMakerHiring@jb_coger · Cofounder, Plato
@davedri Thanks a lot for the kind words!