Plato Circles for Inclusion

Free mentorship for people from underrepresented communities

Plato is launching "Inclusion Circles" to give people from underrepresented groups free access to the best tech leaders. Participants join a "Circle" that meets on a regular basis to discuss leadership and/or career topics.
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Thanks for hunting us Nicolas! And thanks for being a mentor for this initiative alongside 150 other mentors! A bit about my story, 50 years ago, my parents immigrated from Vietnam to France, and 5 years ago, I immigrated from France to America. A couple of folks have been helping me, Jason M. Lemkin, Michael Seibel, and others who trusted me despite my accent, origins, lack of experience, or race. I felt welcome and they helped to launch my career in the US. I won't ever forget this. I understand that not everyone has had this experience and despite this week DACA win, there is work to be done and for underrepresented/underestimated communities in the US. Today, Plato is launching this program to offer mentorship for 2,000 people of color and people from underrepresented communities in tech for free. Some confirmed mentors: * Michael Seibel (CEO @ YCombinator) * Cathy Polinsky (CTO @ Stitch Fix) * Prashanth Chandrasekar (CEO @ Stackoverflow) * Papanii Nene Okay (Director of Architecture @ Venmo) * Rukmini Reddy (ex VPE @ Abstract) * Donal Sumbry (Head of reliability Engineering @ Airbnb) * Erica Locheimer (VP Eng @ Linkedin Learning) * Jason Lemkin (CEO @ SaaSTR) * Elias Torres (Cofounder/CTO @ Drift) * Sara Garner (Sr Software Engineer @ Stripe) * Nick Caldwell (CPO @ Looker) * Jason Shah(Director of Product @ Airbnb) * Nicolas Dessaigne (CEO @ Algolia) * Shivani Sharma (Sr EM @ Slack) * Richard Sun (Sr EM @ Facebook) * Tido Carriero (CPO @ Segment) * Will Larson (CTO @ Calm) * Eddie Kim (CTO / Cofounder @ Gusto) * Cosmin Nicolaescu (CTO @ Brex) * Pooja Brown (VPE @ Stich Fix) * Nidhi Gupta (ex CPO @ Hired) * Michael Pryor (CEO / Founder @ Trello) * Juan B (fmr GM / SVP Prod/Eng @ Braintree) * Daniel Saks (CEO @ AppDirect) * Luc Vincent (EVP Autonomous Driving @ Lyft) * Asanka Jayasuriya (CTO and SVP Eng @ Sailpoint, former SVP Eng @ InVision) * and 100 more... Feel free to ping anyone (put them in a comment of this post), in Engineering / Product, willing to join us as mentors! We want all types of mentors, Male, Female, White, Black, Brown, Asian, LGBT, no matter your race, gender, or religion, join us! Or intro me In solidarity and hopefulness for change, thanks!
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I've been following Quang and Plato since their early days and I am super impressed by how they are reacting to the tragedies we have all been witnessing. With the Circles for Inclusion they use their expertise to make a difference in the world. I'm both proud and excited to take part in it as a mentor. Black lives matter.
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@dessaigne Thanks for hunting us Nicolas! Glad to be part of this needed initiative. So grateful for your ongoing support during all those years
I've been a huge fan of Quang since the very beginning! Love the energy that he has put into the complex, rarely formalized world of mentoring. What a great way to leverage his platform and give back to the community!
This is a great initiative by the Plato team to give back to the community and support people of color. We should all be using the extra time we have to make a positive impact on the lives of others and I'm thankful to Plato for facilitating that.
@lloyedlobo Thanks for being a partner and thanks for opening up your community and all the great mentors you brought to this initiative!
This is a great initiative and I am looking forward to seeing this develop. Congrats on this!