Platformax 2

Completely redesigned: the CRM as it should be

Platformax 2 is a reimagination of a full-fledged CRM, remade from scratch for efficient sales growth. Cover everything from automated prospecting to customer support in a single management platform.

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8 Reviews4.4/5

Entire sales and marketing team is using it, and we are super excited about it!

The best thing is, that everything is so intuitive. Nice job guys!


Best CRM ever. Easy to use and efficient as hell. Great filtering, amazing sales/marketing automation. Made my work so much easier!


Missing responsive design

My team decided to go with Platformax and we are satisfied. It's easy to use and helped us grow our sales.

No more Google doc&excels. No more double emailing or calling. Everything is in one place.


Great filtering, segmenting and automation features which helps us communicate with our prospects and make more sales.


The UI used to be bad but now it's superbly clean

Firstly, I want to thank @nikkielizdemere for helping us be here! Me and @srdan_mahmutovic are co-founders of Platformax and we're available for all of your sales and CRM related questions, be it about structuring sales or implementing a CRM in your company's workflow or other. Now, the reason Platformax showed up again here is because of our clients. We are in constant communication with all of them and their feedback meant the world to the realization of the complete platform overhaul that we pulled off. And we're proud to grow together with all of them and to be here to present the new Platformax. How is it different? Well, in a nutshell, completely. As soon as you sign in (or sign up) you're greeted with a completely new UI - sleeker, more streamlined, flatter, easier on the eye, with every element quicker to read, understand and interact with. Gone is the aging, unpolished look we kept for so long At the same time, it still has all the powers it did before. It can help you structure every step of the sales process, from prospecting, to after-sales support. Some of the functions that fit in between include contact management, call (straight from the CRM) and (automated) email prospecting, team task management and centralized pipeline management with both list and stage views available. We are here for any and all questions and we hope see you on (where you can also get in touch at any time!). Dejan
Platformax is a product that I've come to love primarily because of the team that's always been available, helpful and friendly, focused on helping their users achieve sales growth by implementing the CRM in their workflow successfully and thoroughly. The CRM itself has really matured immensely from when I first started using it and I can't recommend it enough. For me, the only downside has always been the somewhat clunky and oldish UI, but that's now completely gone, replaced with a sleek looking and very responsive interface. I've also seen improvements in most of the functions I use, where they've shaved a step or two off the number of interactions needed to make a certain action. What else can I say, I've been glad to be a user before and I'm super glad to be one now.