Platforma Flowcharts

Collection of cards for website and app prototyping

#5 Product of the DayNovember 23, 2016




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artyom tarasovMaker@taragraphy · Art Director at Great Simple
Dear Producthunters! 🤘 Remember Platforma Wireframe Kit that we released some time ago? Hope you've tried it and found useful. And here comes the next episode of Platforma series, made to help you make distinct prototypes for any of your project. Platforma Flowcharts is a collection of cards for early-stage website and app prototyping in Sketch, Figma and Illustrator. It can help you make clear and good-looking sitemap, app architecture, user’s flow or just to think more about your project’s framework. It could be useful for everyone - from designer to project manager, that’s why we made it so intuitive. Workflow with Platforma Flowcharts is very smooth - build a flowchart with cards on a pre-made sheet, schedule transitions, make marks and share! Send it as .pdf, share link via Sketch Cloud or print the result. Perfect way to discuss project back to back with your colleagues. No need to customize, you have almost all popular UI/UX design patterns (but if you want, you can, each element is 100% vector). 👀 Take a look at the process:
So, hope it will be helpful for you as it is for us. Would love to know what you think and if you have any questions, you're welcome! Works with Sketch, Illustrator and Figma. Sketch version includes cards library for Craft by @invision. Big thanks for your attention and special thanks to Robleh @robjama — And another big news – we have a massive Black Friday sale right now with 60% discount and Flowcharts is not an exception. Use the code BLACKFRIDAY.
Wei-Cheng Hsieh@weicheng · Co-founder & CPO, Pointimize
Really nice tool for prototyping! Smooth and easy.
artyom tarasovMaker@taragraphy · Art Director at Great Simple
@weicheng Thanks! Let us know if you have any thoughts how to make it even better.
Sasha Radoslavov@sasha_radoslavov
Cool! Get it
artyom tarasovMaker@taragraphy · Art Director at Great Simple
@sasha_radoslavov Sasha, thanks!
Stephen Olmstead@theolmstead · Design Partnerships @ InVision
Excellent work as always folks- been using the Craft library file this morning and its a really great speed bump for creating flow maps easily. Great stuff!
artyom tarasovMaker@taragraphy · Art Director at Great Simple
@theolmstead Stephen, thanks a lot! 🙂
Preston Long-Lamoureux@pmlonglamoureux · @Prog_Code Staffer | Progressive
Getting an error when trying to load site from iPhone 6S Plus .. just FYI
artyom tarasovMaker@taragraphy · Art Director at Great Simple
@pmlonglamoureux could you send a screenshot to Will fix! Thanks a lot.
Preston Long-Lamoureux@pmlonglamoureux · @Prog_Code Staffer | Progressive