PlateJoy App

Personalized meal plans designed for your health


Brea Ramos
Listen to me! You will want this to make your life easier! And it's better than any other meal plan apps I've ever tried! I am not one person to be super sales-y at all and in fact it makes me uncomfortable. BUT PlateJoy is my one exception. I'm an active user and actually use it every week! I have tried other meal plans and yes some of them are okay, but … See more
Jacob Kitchel
@jacob_kitchel · Security person
I signed up for PlateJoy because it had Instacart integration and we were getting tired of spending a couple of hours every Sunday recipe hunting for new/different things. PlateJoy takes care of all of that for you and can tailor your recipes according to dietary goals, ingredient likes/dislikes, etc. What really ties it all together are the pantry & sho… See more
Christina Bognet
@cbognet · Founder, PlateJoy
Hi all, We’re excited to launch our brand new app design (on both iOS and Android!) to make data-driven healthy meal planning easier. We’re all about helping you feel your best through cooking and eating well--without spending hours searching for recipes and making shopping lists. To do this, we use data about your lifestyle, preferences, and goals to desi… See more
Julie Brothers TenBrock
@jj10brock · Sales
PlateJoy has been a life saver many weeks for me and my family. Amazing menu's! I'm able to fluctuate my needs and get specialized meals direct from the staff. I recommend this app to all my friends and family!
Katrina Price
I love PlateJoy! There's so much customization available and I love that I feel like I have control over my menu (unlike programs that have just a few options and they send you the ingredients). My husband and I used to hate putting together a meal plan and it'd be a long, drawn-out conversation every week trying to get the other person to do it. This is so … See more