A browser extension to shop according to your ethics

Shop according to YOUR ethics. Platar's browser extension alerts you when you view unethical products, per the campaigns you follow, and recommends alternatives. You can also start your own campaign and encourage companies to make positive changes.
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I love it


Let’s me discover the ethics of companies I buy products from



Hi there! I've been working on Platar since August of last year on the side while at university. It's a project I'm really passionate about because I've struggled with only supporting companies whose ethics I agree with. Nobody has the time to research every company you buy products from, so Platar is an unbiased platform that has lists of user campaigns you can choose to follow and within those all the brands that don't align with them. I want Platar to be a place where movements to encourage companies to make positive changes start. Cheers to any feedback you have!
The idea is excellent, one thing I’d like to see is a source proving the « unethical ». Just to be perfectly unbiased and up to date :)
@fczls Thanks so much for the feedback! I will try to make it more clear that the sources of proof are the campaigns themselves. For instance, I prepopulated the app with lists available on popular campaigns' sites (e.g., PETA keeps a list of companies that test on animals that I scraped ). I want Platar to be a platform between those campaigns and their supporters, and users can discover new campaigns through it (and read about them by going to their linked site and choosing whether to support them or not). With more time and resources hopefully, I want to definitely verify things on Platar. I also plan to make a system for companies to respond. :) Hope that answers you mostly but please let me know if you have a follow-up!
I like the concept, however I don't really understand why I need to select campaigns. There are so many of them! Can't the extension just warn me when I'm viewing an unethical product and the reason behind it? Feels a little too complex for a basic user in it's current state.
@golear Thanks, Gabe! That's really helpful; I didn't think of that tediousness. I will restructure it so that you can choose to select all campaigns in whatever categories you care about, but I don't want to tell users what's ethical by automatically selecting all campaigns—the point is more for users to only follow the ones they believe in since not everyone has the same ethics.
@platar I get that but I'd rather see a note that something is unethical and the reason for it, and if I don't care I can unsubscribe to that reason at that point.
@golear Thanks! I think the best option is to add an option at login to subscribe to all published campaigns. I've added it to my todo list. :)
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