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Free WordPress themes! Yep, we've built a few beautiful WordPress themes that you can download and use for free 👍 On top of that we've also built a WordPress plugin for Plasso. Now you can use Plasso embeds and the Billing embed super easily. Start selling your products and memberships without writing any code at all! The themes we've made are tailored to our products and have Plasso is pre-configured and already setup for you! We've got a theme for selling many digital goods in your own marketplace. A theme for selling a single product. A theme to handle subscriptions/memberships and a theme specific to selling ebooks! Go grab em now! ✌️
I can't wait to use this already!
@patrick_udeh Let us know what you think!
This is s great guys! 🙌
These look awesome! If I sold tickets to events (digital goods), but also offered a recurring annual membership to all the events (subscriptions), can a single Plasso WP theme help me? Or would I need to cobble together something?
@nathang no need to cobble ;) you can use any of the themes to sell any type of Plasso product. You can use our embeddable Storefront product to sell your one-off products in any theme. And you can use our embeddable Billing product to sell subscriptions in any theme. Video here: The themes don't have anything specific in them that makes them digital goods VS subscriptions. We simply geared the look of he themes to better handle one or the other. Our products (Storefront, Billing and Membership) will work with any themes or any websites :)
Drew, The product looks fantastic. I'm interested in replacing WooCommerce for a customer of mine who sells tracked out beats on his website. My main issues with WooCommerce right now is the task of product duplication and editing, and its delay from purchase to available download. Does Plasso solve that? Thanks!
@gmgrimley hey! Yep! As soon as the purchase is made the customer can click to download any files RIGHT THERE on the page with the "Thanks for your payment" message. The customer is also IMMEDIATELY sent an email with a link to a receipt page. All files will be available to download from there as well :) A customer can download each file up to 3 times. After 3 downloads they can click a button to request more downloads. That request gets auto-emailed to you. You can click "Approve" or "Deny" from that email. The customer is instantly notified (via email) of your response and granted another 3 downloads if you Approve :) Super simple!
@drewwilson Fantastic. I'll be making the switch with this specific site and keep Plasso in mind for future sites!
@gmgrimley thanks Gabe! Let me know if you need help :)
@drewwilson Hey Drew, I'm working on building my client's product catalog, but he's got a system set up that each product has 3 versions (he sells beats, so it's .mp3, .wav, and Pro Tools project). Is there a way to do that? Also, He has 100 beats, each with these three versions. Is there an import function where I can import a CSV or something? Thanks!