Planning Poker for Hangouts

Google Hangouts plugin for development effort estimation

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Planning Poker for Hangouts was a tool that we have been using internally at Nearsoft. We wanted to share it with the rest of the Agile development community that shares our passion for software and all things created for the Internet. It is a simple plugin so remote development teams can estimate more accurately in a fun and easy way.
So far very useful, currently we were looking for something like this that enhances our communication remotely, I remote most of the time and this really is enforcing us to plan according to the main agile frameworks. I would hope to see more integrations in the future, one more for trello here :)
@rafaecheve Hey Rafa, thank you for installing the plugin. We are also working on integration with Slack so developers can estimate in their favorite platforms :)
Got plans to integrate Pivotal Tracker support?
@mondras yes we plan to integrate it with Pivotal Tracker & Trello in the next version. Right now we support JIRA, so developer teams can estimate on their project stories.
A really necessary and well thought out plugin for those who manage remote teams. Thanks for the great work on this.