Planet Crypto -

Own, Game & Trade Collectible Plots of Planet Earth

Own, Trade and Game with Collectible Plots of Planet Earth.

Ever wanted to own parts of your Town, Your Office Block, Your School... The White House or even The Kremlin?

A strategic trading game where the 1st round is LAND GRAB. Next is building before the battles begin!

Be quick, land prices rise as is sold ~ watch out for hostile take-overs!

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Some great examples of properties purchased so far: Sphinx of Giza Hollywood Sign Platform 9 3/4
Example of the type of property people are buying within the game... Villa La Leopolda - one of the most expensive properties in the world has become one of the most valuable cards on PlanetCrypto: Now Worth: 1.65 $ETH #collectible #blockchaingaming #blockchaingames #blockchain #blockchainnews