Plane Finder AR

Look in the sky and see info about the flight overhead

Plane Finder AR is an augmented reality app that allows you to discover info about planes flying overhead by viewing them through your camera.

Good example of 'dual use' technology. Off the shelf aerial targeting. Get info about any flight overhead.
@shloky it actually uses our global network of ADS-B receivers to get the positions of the flights. We then overlay this information using AR
For some reason I’m getting the sense that something happened that upset some people in your most recent update... What was it, and what are you doing to fix it? As a developer, this is awesome. As a customer, I’m left wondering what’s wrong with it and am hesitant to spend $2.99 to find out.
I have been waiting for someone to make something like this. See a flight, figure out what it is, and where it is going.
@joshdance we actually released this back in 2010! 😀
@lesmond Too bad ProductHunt wasn't around then. ;)
I am the creator of this app. You have the name slightly wrong, it is “Plane Finder AR”. Thanks for hunting!
@lesmond Thanks for building this. Corrected the name and added you as maker!
@syswarren thanks! Also the wrong logo is being used. The latest one is on the App Store 😀
Most big planes buzzing nearby me are C-130’s practicing from the Joint Military Base 😬 anyway, best wishes!