A beautiful organizer that integrates into your calendar


Rahul Datta
@ra_datta · Software Engineer, Qualtrics
This is a beautiful task management app that lets you set a due date for a task and schedule time in your calendar to work on it. I'm looking forward to the iOS and Mac app they are releasing soon!
Jose Reyes
@josereyes0 · product, sw
Oh my, this might be the one.
Marc Anthony Rosa
@marc_rosa · Product Manager @ Getty Images
This looks like a killer service. It's refreshing to see a task mgmt service recognize that tasks live in a calendar the way any other appointment does - as blocks of time where we accomplish those tasks. Tons of the comments here ask for integrations... I think you guys have your work cut out for you ;) Great stuff, love seeing this!
Kevin Henry
@kevinleehenry · CEO, Accountable
This is really good. I've used other task managers and love how this one actually prompts me to create tasks and put them on my calendar. Very impressed so far.
Sara Clayton
@saraclay15 · Microsoft
Wow - the interface has already won me over.