A beautiful organizer that integrates into your calendar



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Rahul Datta — Software Engineer, Qualtrics
This is a beautiful task management app that lets you set a due date for a task and schedule time in your calendar to work on it. I'm looking forward to the iOS and Mac app they are releasing soon!
Darshan Desai — Plan
@ra_datta Thanks for the Hunt, Rahul!

Hey guys -- I'm Darshan and I've been working on Plan for a little bit now. Caught me a little off guard here but really honored to see so much love for Plan already!

A little bit of background: I’ve been looking for a good way to manage my work for years now but nothing I’ve tried has stuck. Plan was built as a better way to organize everything (tasks + meetings) in one place, effortlessly. So you can finally love not only what you do, but make sure you getting it done.

A Mac and iOS app are in the pipeline and will be released soon!

I’m around for questions/suggestions, so fire away! Would love to hear what the PH community wants to see in Plan!
Alex Lin — Founder, CEO @ LVL6
@ra_datta @darshan1394 whats the ETA on the Mac App? I'll make a fluid app while I wait! :)
@darshan1394 I'm very eager to adopt Plan as soon as recurring tasks are available. Ironically, I have a recurring reminder in my current task manager to check weekly for the update. Do you have a blog or email newsletter I can subscribe to for product updates?
Paul Hart — Oxygen Consumer
@alexwlin @ra_datta @darshan1394 update: answered my own problem :)

going to get really stuck into using plan. :)
Jose Reyes — product, sw
Oh my, this might be the one.
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