Places Around

The ultimate travel app with augmented reality!

Do you want to find the closest Gas Station or a Restaurant to dine tonight? With "Places Around", finding any place around you, is only a tap. Restaurants to Hospitals, Gas Station to ATMs, Movie Theatres to Shopping Centers, and many more.

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Good beginning. Routing and navigation will be in any case one of the main features of AR products. Of course all of us have to go a long way. The question is what "added value" or added reality or added "virtuality" we can give to the user in addition to the map even a bit three-dimentionalized and with pin-pointers. Some very important insights we can catch from Keiichi Matsuda video "HYPER-REALITY" @keiichiban


usage and promotion of the AR-idea and AR-philosophy


the brilliant idea of how to "augment" the real reality by what means and with what tools needs further elaboration