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#4 Product of the DayAugust 02, 2015
We fight for the rights of artists. Take control of where and how your images are used with a free Pixsy account. Pixsys reverse image search technology uncovers all uses of your images online. Submit cases of copyright infringement to Pixsy to recover revenue
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If any product hunters would like to try Pixsy, you can email info@pixsy.com. We're always open to feedback to make our product better. Thanks for your support!
@danielfoster437 how do you go about collecting fees? DMCA takedown notices?
@chrismessina The service is completely free to search up to 5,000 photos. There are no up-front fees for seeking compensation, just a 50% success fee for all royalties collected. Many stock photo sites charge commissions of up to 80%. We have an unlimited DMCA takedown add-on for $9.99 / month, which we think is a good value given how time-consuming it is to draft and send multiple takedowns.
@danielfoster437 So, I noticed one of Pixsy's features is the ability to enforce copyright worldwide, which is definitely something we had issues with when it came to foreign infringements. Are you able to talk more about the legal/organizational infrastructure that makes this capability possible? Do you have relationships in place with legal teams around the world, or is it handled in-house? Which countries are you best equipped to enforce copyright in, and where do you have weak areas, either due to the rollout process or copyright laws that are unfriendly to creators?
@spyhi We aren't in every country, and are actively working to expand our presence internationally. We currently have legal counsel in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany, and also handle licensing issues in-house. Some countries may have good laws on the books but poor legal systems, and others have a general lack of awareness about intellectual property that make moving forward difficult. We are looking for solutions for every country.
Sounds like an awesome service. The industry definitely needs more and better services in this category.
My wife is a photographer. She's not world-famous, though she has at least one world-famous picture. http://dallasnagatawhite.com/201... When "Lava Kiss" (the internet's name, not ours) went viral, we totally lost control of the image. It's used a lot without our permission, but we've all but given up chasing all but the most egregious infringements--like sites selling "male enhancement." The story isn't unique by any means, even among the rest of her body of work. It almost seems like the price of promoting yourself as a photographer--by putting your images online--is having your images taken and used for free, whether you like it or not, and often for money. We've been looking for a solution, but never really found anything like Pixsy. It's new and in open beta, so the jury is still out, but I'm hoping it's every bit as good as it sounds...it would make her life as a pro trying to make a living a lot easier!
It already found a photo I never knew was in use w/o permission... since 2013!
Make that 3 photos... happen to be the same photo stolen. Holy crapola.
Added to my Hunts for Pro Photographers collection. Good to see this kind of thing coming up, it's been a long time coming.