PixelSnap 2

The fastest tool for measuring anything on your screen ✨

PixelSnap 2 is an macOS app that makes it super easy for designers and developers to measure anything (seriously) on their screens. Completely rewritten from scratch, the new version is up to πŸš€2x faster and provides a truly ✨ magical experience.
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15 Reviews4.7/5
Luke Oslizlo
Co-founder of MakeTheWeb
πŸ‘‹ Hey Product Hunt! Last year we launched the first version of PixelSnap and since then it's been helping designers and developers work more efficiently every day. Now, over 5000 people are using PixelSnap, including companies like Adobe or Google. For the past few months we've been working really hard to rewrite the app from scratch and make the PixelSnap experience even better. I'm proud to present to you PixelSnap 2. Measuring things has never been faster or more enjoyable! New in this version: - ⚑️ 2x faster - 🧲 Magical snappable guides - πŸ“Έ CleanShot integration - πŸ”— Adobe XD & Sketch integrations (more apps coming soon) - πŸ”₯ Touch Bar support - πŸ•Ή Easy mouse access - πŸŒ— Auto contrast - ...and a lot more! You can check out all the 30+ changes on the website. 🎁 Users of the first version are eligible for an upgrade discount. I would love to hear your feedback on this!
Khoa Pham
I make macOS, iOS and web apps.
@lukaszmtw Wow this is so cool, with auto detecting objects and screenshot taking. Must have app

This is a great upgrade to one of the most useful tools for designers and developers.


Precise information about the size of things on your screen, screenshots with uniform padding around elements, guides, quick clipboard copy


Perhaps cloud upload or an integration with Droplr, etc.?

Congrats on the launch! PixelSnap has been one of my favorite Mac apps since it launched. I use it countless times during the day β€” it even replaced my default screenshot shortcut. v2 feels much faster and the guides are very useful 😍
Anthony MelnykFounder of Nutritionista 🍏
Looks like such a useful product!
Denis Shershnev
Founder & CEO 6nomads.com
@antonmelnyk absolutely agree!
Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal πŸ’Ž Board of Gen-Z 🐝

I may not be the intended user for PixelSnap, I'm neither a designer not a developer but I've used this and CleanShot every day since they were in beta to take perfectly aligned screenshots (this is extremely painful to do otherwise) of products that launch on Product Hunt to share on our social channels and even update the gallery sometimes and PixelSnap + CleanShot have genuinely made my work so much easier! Glad to see the two are integrated now!


It works so flawlessly, feels like Apple made it themselves. Really love the Cleanshot integration too!


Seems to be a recurring theme in the reviews; some sort of cloud integration for screenshots would be great!

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