Find, sort and save royalty-free photos from multiple sources across the web.
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Great product! As a student, I spend a lot of time searching for images to use on reports/presentations, so this is very helpful.
@lily_rexing Great - glad you like and find it useful :)
Nothing wrong with using support from istock, but the inline "sponsored" images are an irritant. Particularly while scrolling on mobile. There is the watermark, yes, but could be designed differently. Other sites have done it with greater clarity. Other than that great to have another resources, and Best wishes.
@meamarvyas cheers for feedback and glad you like it :) Is it mainly the iStock watermark that is the irritant? Agree it would be much better if it was lighter. Or maybe I have missunderstood - if its something else please let us know and we'll look at it. Thanks!
@thisispixelmob I found the inline iStock images shown (one with the premium tag) on mobile to be an 'irritant' as you well put it. Maybe they could be moved to a separate section in the search results? Otherwise, all good, Cheers
@meamarvyas thanks for letting us know. Getting a balance is always tricky but will take that on board and have a think about how it might work :)
Hi everyone, with Pixel Mob you can find, sort and 'save to favorites' royalty-free photos from multiple sources across the web. Enjoy!
Great product thanks @saalex
I really like this. It will save me a lot of time