Comments on “Pixel by Google
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I'm a long-time iPhone user but the Pixel is tempting. The Google Assistant integration is most interesting to me. Siri feels stagnant (although that might change as AirPods roll out and mature).
Stephen D. Vujevich@dejavujevich · Social Media Acct. Exec., Gregory FCA
@rrhoover This is the Android phone I was waiting for. I think I'm finally going to make the switch.
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@rrhoover At the very least it's just exciting to see all the big cos taking on the idea of assistants from different angles. Audio vs. texting vs. anticipatory vs. hybrid. I imagine they'll all converge a bit as they each get better at their respective starting grounds, but this is just early innings.
Willie Morris@morewillie · Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
@rrhoover I felt like Google assistant was the only compelling feature and still think Samsung's latest phones from the Edge 7 forward seem superior. *I've always been an iPhone user, but switched to the Note recently*
Jason Pittam@mikaelpittam · CMO, Maptags
@rrhoover I'm assuming you have used Allo. How do you like the Google Assistant experience so far?
Ben Belser@benbelser
Darren Tonkin@darren_tonkin · Founder - Storyboard Social
@rrhoover a friend of mine was at the PC and said that Google Assistant was not as responsive as siri is. The on stage was great however they are designed to be. Will be very interesting to see how it is when we get to test it.
@rrhoover you should make product hunt app for android first..that's the reason I switch back to iPhone 7 from the mini bomb(Note7) :)
Surjith SM@surjithctly · UX Designer
@rrhoover Can you please stop autoplaying videos. Really irritating!
Justin Tieu@tieujustin
@rrhoover You can always choose to get the Pixel and still use your iPhone!