Pixave for iPad

The smartest way to organize your images

Pixave is a robust image organizer, supporting a diverse range of formats with systematic management using Collections, as well as the extremely handy Smart Collections feature. The easy-to-use Drag and Drop has now been tailored to the iOS platform to work wonders.

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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆 ko-fi.com/chris
Big fan of Pixave on Mac OS — looks like the move to iOS has brought a lot of really nice touches!
JordanSelf taught designer
App for mac you have some bugs
TavioliI do stuff
I’m a video editer and have tons of files all over the place. I work with multiple formats. Video, Stills, Audio, Fonts...bla bla bla. This app seemed to be what I was looking for. However the developer looks to have gone MIA. I’m not about to invest my time and money into something that has no future. Could have been what I needed but its not :/