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Paul Colton — CEO, Pixate, Inc.
Pixate is the world's first mobile interaction design service that produces native mobile app prototypes on iOS and Android without coding. We just launched today and open to feedback.  Ask me anything. :)
Jonno Riekwel — Founder of Polyon.co
@paulcolton I used it for a couple of days and really liked it. I have a couple of suggestions though:

- Keyboard shortcuts like renaming layers and reordering layers
- Copy/paste actions into other elements. Or drag an action from the detail view to another element to copy it.
- The media upload progress bar is really hard to spot. Feels like it's part of the UI already. Doesn't look like it moves at all on a non-retina screen ;)
- It would be great to have a native preview on the desktop of just having an iOS app. I need different software to be able to record a video and send it to someone else.

Other than that, great work! I like the active development and the great video resources.
Honey Raj Varma — Raj Ventures, R&Ds, Internetechs
@paulcolton Great product Paul, any discounts on the yearly package?
Paul Colton — CEO, Pixate, Inc.
@raj_ventures Yes, yearly packages charge for only 10 months and you get 2 months free.
Paul Colton — CEO, Pixate, Inc.
@Jonnotie These are all on our roadmap, thanks! One cool feature we have running internally (and hope to release soon) is the ability to record your prototype right on device and share the video!
Jai Mitchell — Product designer, Josephmark
@paulcolton This is amazing, thank you. I had a play earlier and was able to make one interaction that felt really natural within 20 minutes.

I've spent more than two times more than that in the past trying to demonstrate the same things with my limited After Effect skills, and those aren't even interactive!

One thing beyond the things @jonnotie mentioned — I'd love to see is a zoom that doesn't zoom the whole UI??

Anyhow, just wanted to congratulate you and say thanks. I dare say I'll be a full paying customer if I get enough time to experiment/demonstrate the benefits to the rest of the team in the next month ;)
Ian Mikutel — PM Lead, Microsoft OneNote
@paulcolton @Jonnotie Any update on when video record/share will be available?
Jack Dweck — Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Update: Pixate is now free for students and teachers http://www.pixate.com/academic/
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