Pixabay for Photoshop & Microsoft Office

Search & insert images into Photoshop and MS Office projects


Pixabay is a repository of tons of images, all these images can be used for free and are licensed under Creative Commons CC0.

These add-ons let you :

• Search the Pixabay database without ever leaving Word/PowerPoint/Photoshop;

• Insert any image you like with one click;

• Stop worrying about licensing images!

All images are safe to use - paying attribution or linking back to the source is appreciated, but not required.

Would you recommend this product?

Can't tell ya any more (yet) since I just got hold of this and it's now "ruined" my Saturday because I'm such a geekette that I get lost in playing with news toys! lol


The ability to grab a photo right where you're working in either Word or PowerPoint. No stopping to go find something, getting lost!


Not sure of any yet...just started taking a look. Do know I'm a mb fanatic since much of what I do is for the web.


I've been using Pixabay for over 5 years and couldn't be happier.


The most impressive selection of free and high-quality photos found online, now even better with this extension!


Sometimes you have to get creative with your search terms to find the right image, but most are fairly cut and dry.


Love this add-on!


Very easy to use with Photoshop


Option to donate to Pixabay would be nice. No real cons that I've seen yet.