API converts csv data to Excel with pivot tables and charts

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Pivotable is a web service that converts csv data into Excel files containing pivot tables and charts. The API is particularly useful when you need to create charts and pivot tables with programming languages that do not support extended excel features like PHP or JavaScript.



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Florian Strahberger-Schramm
Florian Strahberger-SchrammMaker@florian_strahberger · Software-Developer
Hello PH, Florian from Pivotable here. Pivotable is a very simple webservice to convert csv data into real excel sheets. You can also include pivot tables and charts into the resulting excel file. To create a simple pivot and chart from existing data you only need to specify the option as json and send them along with the csv file. Here is an example of the json string: $options = array ( 'rowFields' => array('Product' => array(), 'Store' => array()), 'dataFields' => array('Product' => array('format' => '#,##0', 'pivot_function' => 'Count')), 'chart' => array('chart_type' => 'ColumnStacked', 'title' => 'Sales', 'dataTable' => 'yes'), 'file_type' => 'csv' ); Using this parameters your excel file will have an additional sheet with a pivot table counting the products sold per store and a chart with products / store visualisation. We’d love get some feedback and I’m happy to answer your questions!