Goodbye PDFs. Beautiful pitch pages you can track.

#5 Product of the DayJune 26, 2014
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PitchXO offers landing pages for startup/product pitches, providing insight into which leads/investors view the deck, similar to Docsend.
@rrhoover do you really want to force investors to "login" to see your materials? Seems like an unnecessary burden. Pricing seems pretty rough for a solo trep.
@adamslieb I don't think it requires people to login to view site, does it? Unfortunately (and surprisingly) they don't link to any live examples on the site.
@rrhoover They'd have to wouldn't they? In order to give you data on "who" viewed it. Unless they give you a unique URL for each person you share with. This of course goes wonky when folks share your link. It also feels goofy to get an "investors.mycompany.com/=?fancyreferralURL" I've thought pretty deeply about this and done a bunch of this stuff myself for investor materials and pitch materials. I think this is a super interesting idea, I'm just a little skeptical on the execution. That said, it isn't live, no demos, so I should reserve judgement.
@adamslieb I agree, to maximise the chance of an investor reading your pitchdeck you want it to be as easy as possible. This just adds another barrier (and is expensive!).
@_jamesmundy never make it hard for people to give you money. Investors or customers.
I'd prefer if these kind of tools informed the other party that their behavior is watched and recorded.
@gozdeaksay It's a valid concern which is usually addressed in the privacy policy and terms. In fact each of our actions on most websites is being tracked right now through Google Analytics, KISS metrics and about 100 other popular tracking tools. Not mentioning the social networks doing their tracking as well. Def. a tricky subject which needs to be addressed on a broader scale.
hmm. seems very expensive and I'm not sure about the use case. I'd think Docsend would win hands down for fundraising/individuals and clearslide for sales teams.
@_jacksmith Docsend is super-cool and launched when we were already half-way through. I would have loved for us to integrate Docsend with our landing pages instead, since we don't believe in reinventing the wheel. But the timing was unfortunate. The use-cases still differ though. With DocSend you send documents through their branded platform, through custom links and access is email focused. With pitchXO we host company branded landing pages with your material, where you send out a non-unique company branded link instead, and where access is being based on social login. We started with a main priority on knowing who the lead is, approving/denying their access, sending them to CRMs & Mailing Lists and e.g tagging them with Google Tag Manager, etc. We had a very late focus on slide tracking. Whereas DocSend does the approach the other way around with early focus on slide tracking. But I'm 100% sure they will get integrations quickly as well. Clearslide I believe is on a much higher pricing level if I'm not mistaken. PS: I haven't tested both platforms yet myself, but have been briefly in touch with Russ from DocSend. Love what they are doing!
Looks interesting - yet pretty expensive... @adamslieb Forcing a potential investor to login is not that huge of a hurdle - hopefully you're not sending your deck out without an intro/warm-intro anyways.
@rolandal I didn't say huge hurdle. I said unnecessary burden. I've shared a deck with many vcs who then share it with partners and angels who have then syndicated.
@adamslieb @rolandal It's not good for cold calling, although it works as well as it shows a professional investor presence. The downside is simple - you send the PDF to somebody, you might not hear back or hear a reason why. If you get the info on them however, you have indicators where they got stuck in your material, and how interested they actually are. + When they looked at it, so you can call them / reach out to them And there's nothing lost in sending them the PDF afterwards, so they can share it with others. At least you were able to address possible issues with them beforehand.
Our team used Slides.com and then set up a tracking extension to see which emails had opened and viewed the deck. The expensive aspect here is that they're charging for lead gen features - almost seems like they offer too many too early in the game.
@DrDreSay An issue that a few clients came up with was, that they didn't want to use another tool to create slides in. They simply wanted to upload their PDF, and know who views it, when, and which slides they look at. That was the main use-case here. As to the pricing, you are right! We have since simplified our pricing drastically since then. Thanks for the great feedback!