Use a RNN to help think of your next big idea

Use a recurrent neural network to help think of your next big idea!
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Hello ProductHunt! Long time listener, first time poster. I am a firm believer in lateral thinking, cross-pollination, recombination, inter-disciplinary studies, and the like. So when I set out to start making something, I wanted to make sure that something was completely original, yet familiar. I scraped data from product hunt, and betalist (taglines, see attached images above) to see if I could utilize a RNN to help me think of new ideas, or at least starting points for them. My hope is that someone will be inspired to make something based on these seed phrases. It is by no means perfect, but I felt like I had to post it or I would never get around to it! Now I can finally say I'm a maker like the rest of you~
Absolutely love this!
@luxioindie Hey Christian thanks for taking a look!
Followed here from SUS. Good thinking to push MVP out the door ASAP. Looking forward to entering keywords, selecting industry, geography etc. as filters to drill down on a one liner pitch for products we build. Also, would be great to see ideas most upvoted, requested for potential builders to build? Good luck man
@tejas_rd1 Hey Tejas thanks for the good feedback! Definitely agree with making it more specific, thanks for giving me some homework!
Looks great !