Pitchenvy is a place for entrepreneurs & startups to find inspiration.

We host a gallery of the best startup pitch decks, pitch videos & startup books.

We analyze pitch decks from successful tech companies such as Uber, Shopify, BuzzFeed & more, and see just how they pitched their initial ideas back when they were in the basement.

Enjoy! :)

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Founder @ FestivalHunt.com, Pitchenvy.io
Hey everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹ I started Pitchenvy several years ago, as a resource for myself. Since then, I've started numerous businesses/websites and pitched many well-known investors, such as Larry Page of Google and Tony Hsieh of Zappos. Pitchenvy was shut-down for some time, but my journey has led me to re-launching it & continuing to provide a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs like myself. I've added a bunch of new pitch decks, along with a collection of videos and recommended books. This site is meant to be helpful for entrepreneurs at every stage. Whether you're about to interview, pitch a demo day, or send a pitch deck in an email, we've got you covered. I've also added an interview tool to help you practice pitching investors or apply for a job at a tech company. It is still in the works, and I hope to add more tools in the near future. This is just the first rendition of Pitchenvy v2.0. There is much more to come. Thanks so much for all your support!
Ahmed MohamedCTO, Edfa3ly
The problem about it, most of them suck at today's standards
Michael TamCOO, indivius inc
@ahmedmhmd I would be curious to hear where I could find today's standards. Such information would be very helpful!
How long would it take for my pitch deck to appear on the site once submitted to you?