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Pitch investors through a cool chatbot

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Hey everyone! We have been experimenting and exploring different use-cases where chatbots would make sense and recently converted an existing investor deck(AirBnB's first deck) into a chatbot. I feel it's amazing. Would love to have your feedback on it :) We have also written about our thought process on why and how we did so - https://blog.hellotars.com/can-c...
Why not just make a website with a spinning roulette or slot machine and pitch that way. Of course version two will include AI, for added effectiveness. Feels like a McDonalds drive thru for pitching.... is this a joke? Sincerely, Steve Jobs
A new cool way to pitch !! Let the bot do the talking .
This appears to be broken on Google Chrome, and is throwing up security warnings.
@brady_endres Hey Brady! What version of chrome are you on?
@jindalish 60.0.3112.32 on Mac OS X 10.12.5
@brady_endres @jindalish Hey Brady, this is happening because we got our SSL certificate from StartCom and the new versions of Chrome is starting to distrust them. We are now getting us a new certificate. Thanks for letting us know.