Snaps videos to the corner of your screen

Getting through your WWDC video backlog is a challenging experience that I set out to make a lot more comfortable this year.
Introducing Pipvid: it adds a picture-in-picture mode to VLC and QuickTime, snapping its player windows to any corner of any screen.
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Hi again Product Hunt, πŸ‘‹ Pipvid is another app that I really wanted to have for myself. I like to keep a video playing while I work. It might be a talk, a tutorial video or just an episode of Sliders (πŸ˜…). The past few weeks it's been WWDC videos. The thing I've been missing is a great video player that allows me to keep the window locked in position, always floating on top in the corner of my screen. A bit like Safari's built-in pip-mode, but for local files and the option to create playlists. I considered writing a player from the ground up, but instead I added the functionality to two great existing players: VLC and QuickTime. Pipvid uses Apple's Accessibility API to manage the player windows, creating a pretty seamless experience once it's activated. You can easily toggle it on or off from the menu bar and even set some options. You can download a trial version from the site that works for 10 minutes at a time. After that you can purchase a license through Gumroad. You get a 50% discount if you use the `producthunt` coupon! (Or just use this link: https://gum.co/pipvid/PRODUcthunt) Let me know what you think! Cheers, Boy
Nice! Now I can watch all the WWDC videos while I'm coding :)
@nielsify You sure can Niels. πŸ˜„
good work mate! this is awesome
@paulcomba Thanks Paul! Glad you like it. :)
Pipvid v1.1 is out now! πŸš€ It adds size-based window management. This means you can just shrink a window down to trigger Pipvid and snap the video player into a corner. It's pretty cool! πŸ“